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Surround Bathrooms - Before & After

This page is full of our Dayton area tub & shower surround bathroom remodels. Here you can see our process and projects in depth with our before and after bathroom remodel gallery. Some projects are very extensive, requiring full demolition. Each bathroom renovation comes with unique challenges, all of which we can handle with ease. All our remodels get our remodeling dust control package that includes a HEPA air filtration unit, deploying plastic barriers, drop cloths, and the use of HEPA shop vacs on all tools that make dust.

Kettering Bathroom Remodel Before & After

This Kettering bathroom went from a half bath to full bath. We moved a wall out into another space to add room for a shower. Concrete was cut and patched for the drains to be moved. The load bearing wall was removed and replaced with a header as you can see in the pictures below. This bathroom remodel in Kettering cost $22,000 and took approximately 4 weeks.

Bathroom Renovation Dayton Before & After

This Dayton bathroom renovation started as one of the worst we have encountered to date. The walls had 2 layers of tile one on top of the other. Electrical boxes were covered with tile and the exhaust fan was covered with a layer of drywall which is where the leak in the ceiling came from, as seen in the picture below. Aside from the extra amount of demo we encountered and messy wiring and plumbing, this should have been a very straight forward bathroom remodeling project. If this were a standard project, the cost of this bathroom remodel would be $15,000 and at the starting point of our full bathroom remodeling jobs. Materials were very basic and the surround was a simple acrylic glue on.

Beavercreek Master Bathroom Remodel Before & After

This master bath remodel in Beavercreek was a tub to shower conversion. We removed the old 1 piece tub/shower combo and replaced it with a walk in shower base and a fiberglass surround called UTile by MAXX. It is meant to look like grey subway tiles. We installed vinyl plank flooring and replaced the baseboards. New paint and floating shelves. The vanity and faucets were the only thing we did not replace during this bathroom remodel. A similar remodeling project as this one costs $14,000.

Dayton Bathroom Remodel Before & After

This was a room in a basement that's partially underground. The rough plumbing was installed by the home builder and we tapped into them using a drawing the builder left. We accessed the drains under the slab and added the entire bathroom. The shower was a neo corner kit that came with everything. We removed all the paneling and replaced the insulation on the exterior walls. The room was then finished in drywall. We installed tile flooring throughout the bathroom. Bathroom/basement remodeling projects similar to this one can cost around $20,000. 

Dayton Bathroom Renovation Before & After

The plaster and wood lathe tell you right away that this home is older than most. This Dayton Ohio bathroom remodel was taken down to the studs and all the plaster walls were replaced with drywall. We installed a new bathtub, glue on tub surround, and used vinyl trim around the window to make sure they never rot. The homeowner uses a curtain rod over the window to prevent water getting into it. Not exactly a great place for a shower, but it works. New vanity, faucet, toilet, and more. The flooring is vinyl plank and we installed new baseboards. Remodeling projects similar to this one costs $15,000.

Kettering Basement Bathroom Renovation Before & After

This bathroom in Kettering was part of a basement finishing project. The rough drains were already there from the home builder. We built the walls, installed a bathtub and surround system, exhaust fan, flooring, vanity, lights, and all. All permits were pulled by the home owner, inspected and passed. The flooring used was vinyl plank and ran throughout the entire basement. The bathroom portion of this remodel costs around $15,000-$20,000 depending on if the framing is complete or not.

Centerville Bathroom Remodel Before & After

This Centerville bathroom remodeling project had all the wall tiles removed. The bathtub was replaced and a new acrylic surround was installed. Vinyl plank flooring throughout the bathroom new baseboards, door, and window casings. The toilet and vanity were both replaced, along with the light fixture, faucet, and towel bars. Bathroom remodels similar to this one cost around $15,000.

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