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Basement Remodel & Finishing - Before & After

This page is full of our Dayton area basement remodeling projects. Here you can see our process and projects in depth with our before and after basement renovations gallery. Some projects are very extensive. Each basement renovation comes with unique challenges, all of which we can handle with ease. We always start with hand selected lumbar to ensure straighter walls. Don't let your lumbar show up on a wet flatbed! Click on any of the pictures/links below to see more.

Beavercreek Basement Remodel and Finishing

This Basement finishing project in Beavercreek was planned and finished by Lynn and I. Permits were pulled by the homeowner with all inspections passing. We framed the walls and ceilings. The ceiling we decided to drop the entire area due to the amount of obstructions we had to deal with instead of boxing everything out. The height was above 7 foot even after dropping it all. We installed several recess LED lights throughout. We built a large closet with french doors to house a large ping pong table. We wrapped the post in 1x material with larger baseboards on top and bottom. The windows were all finished, the vinyl plank flooring was installed, and the project was finished with the baseboard installation and door casings. This space was approximately 700sqft and cost $25,000. 

Kettering Basement Finishing and Remodeling

The basement remodeling project in Kettering below had several different rooms and a full bathroom. We framed in the furnace area to be it's own room, an office, and a full bathroom. Under the stairs even got a kid's playroom with chalk board painted walls. The bathroom rough drains were installed when the home was built, and we had to tie into them. All new electric for the basement and basement bathroom. The permits were pulled by the homeowners and all inspections were passed as required. Vinyl plank flooring was installed throughout this spacious basement. We installed new doors, window and door casings, and fresh paint. This basement was approximately 750sqft and cost around $40,000

Centerville Basement Remodel

This basement remodeling project took place in Centerville and used to be a storage area. You could only access it from 1 door and the customer wanted access from the other side. We framed out a doorway within the load bearing wall. The electrical unit is a power station to an elevator that we had to work around. It was never removed to install the drywall. The ceiling heights were 9' tall which resulted in using a drywall method called a belly band in the center where a butt joint and tapered joints are close to one another, causing an extra large joint in those areas. No flooring, paint or baseboards were done by us. Projects similar to this one costs around $10,000

Kettering Basement Remodel

This older basement in Kettering was remodeled with fresh new paint everywhere. First we patched a few walls that a previous company had sealed up to prevent water intrusion. Then we sprayed 15 gallons of primer on the ceilings, walls, posts, ductwork and more. The difference this made was pretty significant. Everything looks so much cleaner and brighter in the white. Basement remodeling projects similar to this one starts at $5,000.

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