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Marble Floor

Best Practice Methods

All Pathways are Covered

Before we start any job, we determine the best pathway from our work van to your project area and cover all pathways with CoverGrip (slip resist) drop cloths and / or Guardia surface protection. 

Every morning before we start our workday, we will lay down our drop cloths, ensure they are no trip hazards, and clover any areas or furniture that need protection. We use zipwall systems to close off rooms from dust, while using our AlorAir Hepa air filter.  Then at the end of every day we take down all plastic and rolled up all drop cloths so you can enjoy your evenings.

On Time and Clean Up Daily

We pride ourselves on consistently being on time, we work Mon. - Friday till 5 and that we clean up daily. We understand that the job needs to be done right, as efficiently as possible and your evenings to be as stress free as possible.

While we demo the project area, we will ensure no other areas will be affected, all debris will be bagged and carefully carried out of your home, loaded into our van to be disposed.

High Quailty Dry Wall Finishing

All our drywall work is finished with Level 5 tools, sanded with a Festool vacuum sander and painted with Zinsser Drywall PVA Primer.  We have years of experience creating long-lasting high-quality finish with our specialized tools and material selection, and our methods cause us to be extremely efficient while dust control is optimized. 

We always keep the area contained, vacuum clean the walls prior to prime and filter the air with our AlorAir Hepa air scrubber

All Kitchen Remodels

All kitchen cabinets are installed plumb using full contact shims and specialty cabinet screws.  We use cabinet specific clamps to ensure the cabinets are mounted flush to one another while being laser leveled.

It is important that the base and wall cabinets are level and parallel to each other for visual aesthetics and ease of countertop and backsplash tile installation.  We also use a precision drill jig for all handles, pulls and knobs.

All Bathroom Remodels

For every bathroom remodel we reframe the tub / shower pocket walls.   It is important to have level plumb studs prior to installing any materials.  Almost always the pocket is not ideal for a quality surround or tile installation. We hand select all our 2 x 4's for straightness and quality, not only does it make for a faster install but a higher quality result.  Once the pocket is framed the tub or shower base is laser leveled and installed.

All Our Tile Work

It is important that a tile installation job is done right, to ensure long-lasting product life and is visually beautiful We use our laser level to ensure that all grout lines are one the same plain and meet perfectly in the corners 

We ensure that all tiles are flat to one another with no lippage, we also utilize our leveling system on large format tiles for the best quality install.  We always use high quality grout, materials and best practice installation techniques.

All Trim Work

We pride ourselves on trim quality, whether it is baseboards, door casings, crown molding or scribe, all trim work is sprayed in our shop with our airless sprayer using high quality enamel paint, allowed to cure properly and carefully transported to the job site.

On site, we cut all trim to precision with our chop saw, cope all corners and always nail to studs and base plates.  We fill the nail holes with wood putty, caulk where the walls meet and then touch up with paint for a flawless finish.

All Flooring Installations

Regardless of where the floor is being installed, kitchens, hallways, or bathrooms, all surfaces where the floor will lay will be assessed to ensure there are no issues, humps, dips, damage or repairs needed. We communicate and address all issues before any install.

It is important that the subfloor / slab is flat so that your floor does not flex, clack, or wear unevenly over the years.  Not only does it make a fast and easy install but results in a high-quality install that will last years to come.

Our Door Installations

We use the best installation techniques to ensure your doors are square, level and operate correctly. Prior to installation, all doors are removed from their frames, and both frames and doors are sprayed at our shop with our airless sprayer using high quality enamel paint.

We carefully transport your doors assembled with foam protectors and install all hardware after installation.

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